2021 Calendars

Back by popular demand for our eighth smash year!

Going to be stuck inside for a while? Need something to look at that will make you feel happy and relaxed?

Presenting the 2021 Wall Calendars (8.5 x 11 in. folded, opening to 17 x 11 in.) as created by The Grumpy Penguin. The “theme” this year: Making Friends with Animals!

I was not going to publish a 2021 edition because of the inability to sell them face-to-face as I usually do, but enough people reached out and asked for one that I decided to have another go at it! However, the sales model will be slightly different this year: all calendars will be sold by preorder as I will not be keeping a stock on hand this year. I simply don’t know how many I am going to sell online instead of in-person. The cost this year per calendar is $29.99 (which includes shipping and handling) until December 6th. After that date I will continue to sell any remaining stock-on-hand for $29.99, but if I have to place a new print order the cost for a calendar will be $35. Vistaprint has severely raised their prices again this year and I won’t be able to wait for a flash sale in December to place an order. Think of this as an “Early Bird Special!”

You may choose to place your order on this page via PayPal; please use the first button below. If you would prefer to pay by e-Transfer, please email me: Steve@GrumpyPenguin.ca and let me know how many you wish to order; I will then reply with a different email address to use for the actual transfer.

For all American orders, please use the second button to pay through PayPal; your cost will be $27USD which includes shipping and handling. As above, should you wish to pay by e-Transfer instead, please use either pengo_steve@yahoo.com or 647-472-5566 as the information for the transfer.

(There are no additional taxes or handling charges to pay at checkout; also you do not need to have a PayPal account to checkout; you can pay via a Credit Card through the same link.)

Once again this year the names and the types of animals featured in each photo are embedded in the photos themselves!

****Bonus content!! If you visit the calendar posts at GrumpyPenguin.ca on the first of each month, you will discover stories about the featured animal(s) and lots of bonus footage, to enrich your experience and draw you a little closer to the subject you will be looking at for that month!****


HERE IT IS! MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS 2021 Wall Calendar. As always, this calendar offers you unique, full-colour photos capturing the personality of several magnificent animals – some old favourites and some new friends. Each and every photo appearing in this calendar was shot on the grounds of The Toronto Zoo.

Cover For shipping to Canada via Canada Post: $29.99 (shipping included)
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
U.S.A. orders: $27.00 (USD) (shipping included)
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
 Gallery view of all calendar photos


As always, The Grumpy Penguin is pleased to offer an extra incentive to purchase, but this year it’s really special: ALL OF THE PROCEEDS FROM EACH AND EVERY CALENDAR SALE will be donated to the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy, to help offset some of the devastating losses the Zoo and its programs have suffered during this pandemic. In the past five years, our calendar sales have raised over $2,000, divided among six different charities. Thank you so much for your help!

Please pay using the appropriate button above – you do not need to possess or create a PayPal account to use the checkout! (For Overseas Orders, please contact us for pricing.)

All of the images were captured by Steve Craig (aka The Grumpy Penguin). These make great gifts! Order yours today!

Please help spread the word on social media! Thanks!!

If you’ve been referred to this page by someone other than myself, please let me know (on the “Contact” page) who it was so I may properly and personally thank them!

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