2022 Calendars

Against all odds: Back by popular demand for our ninth smash year!

It’s been a very trying year. I did not expect to be doing another calendar, but then the fates intervened, yet again. This year’s sales will be a bit different: low-key and word-of-mouth. 

Presenting the 2022 Wall Calendars (8.5 x 11 in. folded, opening to 17 x 11 in.) as created by The Grumpy Penguin. The “theme” this year: Animals at Peace.

In keeping with the times, the featured animals for 2022 are all beloved creatures who have passed away since their photo was taken. The cover is a shot of the dearly missed Mr. D. (our senior rescue cat whom we lost in November of 2021), but all the animals on the inside pages resided at the Toronto Zoo, as usual.

The cost this year per calendar is $29.99 (which includes shipping and handling – or delivery if you prefer and are within a reasonable distance from my home). There will be no possibility of delivering them to you at the zoo, but you are welcome to stop by here on your way to or from that location (we live four minutes from the gates).

My preferred method of payment would be via E-transfer (use the address pengo_steve@yahoo.com to send me money). Please email me: Steve@GrumpyPenguin.ca and let me know how many you wish to order if you are using this method. Alternatively, you may choose to place your order on this page via PayPal; please use the first button below. If neither of these options will work for you, please reach out and we’ll work out an alternative.

For all American orders, please use the second button to pay through PayPal; your cost will be $27USD which includes shipping and handling. As above, should you wish to pay by e-Transfer instead, please use either pengo_steve@yahoo.com or 647-472-5566 as the information for the transfer.

(There are no additional taxes or handling charges to pay at checkout; also you do not need to have a PayPal account to checkout; you can pay via a Credit Card through the same link.)

Once again this year the names and the types of animals featured in each photo are embedded in the photos themselves!

I’m afraid the days of regular blog posts have passed as my enthusiasm for such things has drastically waned over the past year or so; also, it will be extremely difficult for me to keep up with news about the animals in my current situation as persona non grata at the zoo.


HERE IT IS! MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS 2021 Wall Calendar. As always, this calendar offers you unique, full-colour photos capturing the personality of several magnificent animals – this year, all of them are old favourites. Each and every photo appearing in this calendar (with the exception of the cover) was shot on the grounds of The Toronto Zoo.

Cover For shipping to Canada via Canada Post: $29.99 (shipping included)
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
U.S.A. orders: $27.00 (USD) (shipping included)
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
 Gallery view of all calendar photos


For the first time, I will not be guaranteeing a specific portion of the proceeds to a charity, as I honestly have no idea how sales will go in the strange circumstances I find myself in. However, once the final tallies are made I shall be sending a donation to the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, as that is a cause very dear to my heart. The size of the donation will depend solely on whether the calendars are profitable or not, but there will be one made regardless.

I would really like to keep the zoo management out of the loop this time around, as they have proven to be conniving and vindictive; consequently, please only share this information with people whom you can trust to be discreet.

As always: thank you all so much for your seemingly boundless support. It always means the world to me; this year, however, it is more appreciated than ever.

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