Missing in Action

There are several reasons that will account for the current state of my blog posts here; I’ll try to just talk about the most salient ones, or this could be my longest piece ever.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – June Story

This was a very important birth within the population of North American Masai giraffes. Mstari was the number one most valuable female genetically (as far as I can tell, she still is) and I believe Kiko was number three or four. Add to that the fact that the new baby is a third-generation Toronto Zoo kid (her mom, Mstari, and grandma, Twiga, were each born in Toronto as well) and you have a very highly anticipated event.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – May Story

I have surprisingly few photos of Kanzi in my collection, all things considered. The main reason for this is because she’s almost always right up against the glass when I go to see her, purring away and trying to catch my scent. Most of the time I am far too focused on chatting with Kanzi to even think about taking a picture; besides, it’s too close to get a decent shot with my DSLR, but every now and then I manage to grab a quick snap of her with my phone.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – April Story

Sometimes he will be front and centre on a perch; sometimes in amongst the foliage looking for bugs or some food that has been hidden for him; you can also often find him on the ground near the front of his exhibit; or he could be very high up near the pavilion roof, surveying his domain and possibly having a long, involved conversation with our male white-handed gibbon, Lenny.

2020 “HANGING OUT WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – December Story

It was wonderful to have such charismatic animals back on the Tundra Trek and their exhibit was a great place to hang out for a while when the Arctic wolf cubs were sleeping; as I visited the cubs many, many times during the spring and summer of 2018, I had lots of opportunity to spend time with the lads, whom our exceedingly English-speaking Keepers had taken to calling “Thunder” and “Storm.”