Ebony, in: “I Go Free?”

Always use all the tools available to you to solve a difficult problem, whether you think they’re helpful or not. Always pay attention to what the animals are trying to tell you. And learn, learn, learn every single day, such as what noise a caged fox makes, or how to follow your instincts.

New Energy for the New Year

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that the last seven or so years have been a challenge. But this year… this year already feels different. It’s a feeling of a different energy level that I have no intention of questioning; no, I’m just going to ride this one as long as it…

Missing in Action

There are several reasons that will account for the current state of my blog posts here; I’ll try to just talk about the most salient ones, or this could be my longest piece ever.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – June Story

This was a very important birth within the population of North American Masai giraffes. Mstari was the number one most valuable female genetically (as far as I can tell, she still is) and I believe Kiko was number three or four. Add to that the fact that the new baby is a third-generation Toronto Zoo kid (her mom, Mstari, and grandma, Twiga, were each born in Toronto as well) and you have a very highly anticipated event.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – May Story

I have surprisingly few photos of Kanzi in my collection, all things considered. The main reason for this is because she’s almost always right up against the glass when I go to see her, purring away and trying to catch my scent. Most of the time I am far too focused on chatting with Kanzi to even think about taking a picture; besides, it’s too close to get a decent shot with my DSLR, but every now and then I manage to grab a quick snap of her with my phone.

2021 “MAKING FRIENDS WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – April Story

Sometimes he will be front and centre on a perch; sometimes in amongst the foliage looking for bugs or some food that has been hidden for him; you can also often find him on the ground near the front of his exhibit; or he could be very high up near the pavilion roof, surveying his domain and possibly having a long, involved conversation with our male white-handed gibbon, Lenny.

2020 “HANGING OUT WITH ANIMALS” Calendar – December Story

It was wonderful to have such charismatic animals back on the Tundra Trek and their exhibit was a great place to hang out for a while when the Arctic wolf cubs were sleeping; as I visited the cubs many, many times during the spring and summer of 2018, I had lots of opportunity to spend time with the lads, whom our exceedingly English-speaking Keepers had taken to calling “Thunder” and “Storm.”