2018 “THE GRUMPY PENGUIN” Calendar – March Story

From the very beginning, Kiko hit it off with Mstari (and Twiga) which is terrific news, because their genes are very important to the North American breeding program (known as the SSP: Species Survival Plan). Any offspring they produce will be very important to the future success of the Masai species in AZA-accredited Zoos.

2017 “Baby Boom!” Calendar – March Story

I chose the dove chick for the March animal in the Baby Boom calendar for a couple of reasons: a) because the awkward, gangly, relative “unattractiveness” of this tiny creature would be in stark contrast to the “squee-inducing” images that surrounded it; and 2) because it was born in March, and I truthfully had no other options that I was 100% sure of.